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Shoulda? Woulda? Coulda? Sound Familiar?


Village Fitness was designed with these thoughts in mind. Established in 1997, Village Fitness offers all equipment, amenities, expertise, and experience to get the most from your personalized training program.


Why VF?



No Excuses 


Village Fitness takes a "No Excuses" approach to helping you achieve your desired fitness and health goals. You have an excuse you CAN'T? We provide the reasons you CAN:

  • Private Dressing Rooms

  • Towel Service

  • Store Front Parking

  • Free Wi-Fi for Phones/Computers/Tablets

  • Flexible Training Times

  • Convenient Location        


Village Fitness Includes


  1. Degreed/Certified Professionals

  • ​Licensed Massage Therapist, Duval Ruiz

  • BA Excercise Sports Science; Certified Personal Trainer (NSCACPT), Jake Barrientes

  1. Diversity in Fitness Backgrounds

  2. Decades of Experience

  3. No Membership Cost or Contracts

  4. State of the Art Rehabilitation Program

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